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Suspension of Parliament


Today Stephen Harper convinced our GG Michaelle Jean to shut down Parliament until mid January. To be honest, I really don’t care if Stephen Harper is Prime Minister or the Opposition Coalition takes over. Just settle it!

A lot of people are really unhappy about the Opposition Coalition that is taking place. Stating that it is undemocratic and how they voted in Stephen Harper but not Stephane Dion. I think the coalition is a good thing, setting Stephen Harper back on track. Canada is Democratic society and not a dictatorship. We as Canadians voted this Minority Government so that the Conservatives can work with the other parties. People will have to agree, the three opposition parties do represent more of the population. I feel the Liberals must be on crack for releasing such a shoddy video of an official statement. Maybe Stephane Dion doesn’t really want to be Prime Minister. But I do know Jack really wants it!

So how does this impact us? This morning the TSX had a 187 point gain. After the announcement, it’s now down 12 points. I recommend bracing for the worst. Because that way, we can’t lose. If the ecomony worsens, we are ready and if the ecomony recovers, than we are in a good postion to benefit.

This is however a great time to move on up, if you have the money. Selling a smaller condo/house now and moving into a larger condo/house will benefit you when the market rebounds.

For anyone that is looking to buy a property for long term, than this is the time to buy. Shopping for a property now will put you in a great position as you look for good deals in the market. I have already seen some good deals around town that I have recommend my buyers to consider. A lot of investors are unloading and it’ll only benefit you as a purchaser.

For anyone that is selling, there is no need to worry if you are purchasing a replacement. If you sell low, you’ll buy lower, right? There are some people that are selling their homes and renting. I do not recommend this method, because these people are trying to play the market. Essentially, they are gambling. Your house is your greatest asset, I would recommend keeping it that way

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2 thoughts on “Suspension of Parliament

  1. Good analysis. Keep up the good work bro!

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