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DEC 6th – Procter and Gamble Warehouse Sale / Proceeds going to United Way

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Please click here for an updated post for the P&G warehouse sale.

*Update – I see that a lot of people are searching the Procter and Gamble Warehouse Sale as we are approaching May. As of April 15, there’s no information regarding a Warehouse sale in May. If you would like to be notified about the next P&G warehouse sales please send me an email with P&G as the subject line. When a sale date and location is determined, I will send out an email notification.

It’s the United Way Winter Warehouse Sale Tomorrow.

My wife works at P&G and they have around 2 of these a year. P&G makes a whole array of products. Click Procter & Gamble to see all the brands in Canada.

The sale is located at 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga. Time: 11am-5pm View Map

100% of proceeds are donated to the United Way.

Some of the things I got in the past were: Pampers are $15; 2x Tide $5; Bounty $3

See you all there tomorrow

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