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How to read a MLS listing on – Part 1

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21 Melbourne Drive

21 Melbourne Drive

Let’s kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I will explain the different parts of a MLS listing while featuring the deal of the week. This week I am featuring a 2-storey detached home at 21 Melbourne Drive in Bayview North of Richmond Hill.

At the top of page we start with the MLS number. Each listing has a MLS number that is assigned chronologically. In Toronto MLS the first letter designates the area the property belongs to . C = Central / W= West / E = East / N = North. This property is located in Richmond Hill so the MLS# starts with a N. If a listing is terminated/expired and is re-listed than a new MLS# will be assigned.

Next to the MLS# is a fairly important part of the listing, the LISTING PRICE. In this case, they are asking $595,000.

Roll you mouse over the thumbnails to see a larger photo. To see more photos you can click on the <more> button.

Building Type: House – This property is a house. Other types are townhouse, rowhouse and apartment.

Bedrooms: 4 – This property has 4 bedrooms. This does not include bedrooms in the basement.

Bathrooms: 4 – This property has 4 bathrooms. Note that the powder room on the main level counts as a bathroom here.

Storeys: 2 – This property has 2 levels not including the basement.

Land size: 50.00 x 98.50 FT – This is the size of the lot measured in Feet. The frontage is 50 feet wide and the depth is 98.50 feet long. Do you know where the front of this lot starts? Is it at the road or at the sidewalk? You can walk to the rear lot line and measure out 98.50 feet. But I can tell you the lot starts behind the sidewalk. A misconception is that the land in sub-divisions extends out to the road boundary. It is the same with homes that have no sidewalks, the city owns the front portion and can pave a sidewalk in the future.

Location: 21 Melbourne Drive – This is the address of the property.

On the right hand side are the names of the Real Estate Representatives (Teresa Tsui & Peter Hin-Tak Tang) that are listing the property. You do not need to know this because you will be picking up the phone and calling ME! “Hey Kirby, is this house at 21 Melbourne Drive a good buy?”

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I am a Real Estate Sales Representative servicing the Greater Toronto Area.

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