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Buying a Home in Today’s Market.

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Some of my clients are looking to buy a home in this market where nobody knows if the market is going up or down. What I sense is that the supply at the moment is quite low. So I tell my clients that if they find the house that they like than just put in their best offer. Everytime I work with my clients on an offer I ask them, “‘If someone buys the house for $10,000 more than you, how would you feel.” This is one of the ways I can find the maximum amount my clients are really willing to pay for a particular property.

Many of my clients are worried about multiple offers and having to bid higher for the homes. That is where the news media are really being trouble makers. Remember when property prices dropped slightly, the media said it was the lowest in 20 years. And just recently the market recovered slightly and the media made it out like there was a buying frenzy and concentrated on a sale that had 20 offers. Do not be affected by the media and do not be affected with people saying, “There’s been 20 showings on so and so property on the first day of showing”. Hype is generally just hype. I had one client that was not going to put in an offer because of that. My advice was to put in an offer with an amount and conditions that they were satisfied with. I said, “Maybe someone outbids you and maybe not. If you don’t try, you can’t buy.” In the end we put in an offer and it was eventually sold to someone else that paid in my opinion way above market value.

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I am a Real Estate Sales Representative servicing the Greater Toronto Area.

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