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DEC 11th to 13th, 2009 – Procter and Gamble Warehouse Sale / Proceeds going to United Way


My Blog’s One Year Anniversary!

Sorry P & G Warehouse sale, but I just noticed that it’s my blog’s one year anniversary, so I will post your information at the end of the post. Feel free to scroll down and read my ramblings another time.

So has it been one year already? I remember one of my earliest posts was about the P & G Warehouse sale. I remember it because I got 100 hits in one day and that erased all my doubts about blogging.

This blog I started as an experiment has turned into something I really enjoy doing. In the beginning, all my colleagues had template websites and urged me to get one for $50 a month. I visited various types of these template websites and they were all so generic. “Cold” was the word that first popped into my mind. These websites hide the agents behind a curtain and if someone wanted information they had to submit a form so that the agent will contact them. I did not like that concept so I started this blog where I would post all information I found interesting, free of charge and free of taking your contact information.

Since this blog is on WordPress, it’s free for me and my only costs is my time. For this past year, this blog has more than paid off for itself. The best part is that I met a lot of nice people, some of them became clients and others became friends.

Thank-you to everyone for a successful first year. For 2010 I’m going to make a few changes. Hope you all will enjoy it!

P & G Warehouse Sale

For future P&G Warehouse notices, please subscribe to my blog, press the “sign me up” on the left hand side menu. I will not be notifying by email anymore.

Please click here for an updated post for the P&G warehouse sale.


Friday December 11th:

  • 3pm – 8pm – P&G Employees, Retirees, Friends and Family

Saturday December 12th:

  • 9am – 11am – P&G Employees, Retirees, Friends and Family
  • 11am – 6pm – Public

Sunday December 13th:

  • 10am – 3pm – Public


International Center – Hall 6
6900 Airport Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4V 1E8

Early pass?

Donations through now receive a pass to come early to the December warehouse sale! Spread the word, there’s only 2 weeks left to give!!

You will receive a ‘thank you’ note from Tim that you can use for early entry, when you donate through

Please note: Warehouse sale information is from P & G and Kirby Chan has not verified nor guarantee this warehouse sale.

Happy Christmas Shopping!!

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Author: Kirby Chan

I am a Real Estate Sales Representative servicing the Greater Toronto Area.

3 thoughts on “DEC 11th to 13th, 2009 – Procter and Gamble Warehouse Sale / Proceeds going to United Way

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  2. Awesome! I love this sale! I look forward to it every year! Will be bitter sweet this year now that my mother is not here to enjoy it with me.

    • Hi Donna, The sale was last weekend. The post here was from 2009. Subscribe to my blog for relevant Real Estate Information and also to be notified of the next P&G Warehouse sale.

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