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The Kirby Chan Team – A Little Bit About How I sell Real Estate

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My Blogs Two Year Anniversary!

It is the two-year anniversary of my Blog. Thank-you for all the support you have given me.

Time sure goes by fast when you are keeping busy.

Being a Real Estate Agent has not been easy job. It’s really a business built with sweat and tears. Everyday I sell Real Estate and at the same time I have to  sell myself and my team. I have to answer the question “Why should I use Kirby Chan and his team as our Real Estate Agent?” Competition is stiff. There are the superstar agents, the part-time agents, the discount agents and the “etc…” agents I have to compete with. If you are wondering what label I fall under than I can say I am the “superstar inside, full-time, full value agent”.

The simple answer for you when looking for a Real Estate Agent is ME. Kirby Chan.

Let me tell you more about what I do.

When you list your property for sale with the Kirby Chan Team, I am your representative to guide and advise you through the whole process. I present all the facts to you so you can make an educated decision. Usually the main dilemma is coming up with the selling price of the house. As an appraiser in my previous position, I have been quite accurate coming up with the potential selling prices for my clients. If a clients wants a million dollars for his house when comparable homes are selling at $750,000, no agent can satisfy this client and ultimately this client becomes a dissatisfied client. I do not give high expectations when I list a property. Heck, I do not give any expectations at all. By presenting my clients with an accurate CMV report, I arm them with the tools to make the educated decision leaving them satisfied and with a clear goal. The second dilemma other than price is time. Is selling at the fastest possible time always better for my clients? It’s always better for me but if the price is not right, I never push my clients to sell early.

The same is true for clients that are looking to buy a property. My past appraisal experience comes in handy when my clients are deciding what price to offer. I can safely say my clients never over pay for a property. I was asked a question the other day, “If you make commission based on the selling price of a property, what is your incentive to get me the lowest possible price as a buyer”. My answer was simple. My business is based on referrals, and your business doesn’t just stop with you. If I didn’t satisfied you and mislead you to make a couple extra hundreds of dollars, you probably won’t refer your friends and family to me. However, if I obtained the lowest possible price for you, than you become a satisfied client who will go on to refer your friends and family to me. That is the reason why my incentive is to get my buyers the lowest possible price.

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Author: Kirby Chan

I am a Real Estate Sales Representative servicing the Greater Toronto Area.

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