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153 Beecroft Road / 155 Beecroft Road – The Broadway Condominiums

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153 Beecroft Road - 155 Beecroft Road

The Broadway Condominiums

The Broadway Condominiums located at 153 Beecroft Road and 155 Beecroft Road are two towers built by Menkes.

It is located in the heart of North York, consisting of two towers and a shared recreation centre and grand lobby. The Toronto Centre for the Arts is right beside the Broadway and is accessible underground. One of the best feature is the direct underground access to the Subway Station.

At the moment there’s a limited supply of units in this condominium complex. This has been good for sellers because units have been selling within a week and sometimes within a day. However for buyers trying to find a unit here, it may take awhile and have to be ready to act fast. Take for example my 3 month search for my Buyer under Contract. We had a 1 hour consultation to discuss his wants and needs. Then, everyday afterwards, I would scan the MLS for available units 3 times a day. I also called the unit owners to see if they wanted to sell. One day during my afternoon scan of the MLS, I found the perfect unit for my clients. The best thing was that it was listed on the MLS for less than an hour. I knew my client was ready to buy so I was confident we would be able to buy this unit before anyone even knew it was listed. So we viewed the unit, signed the offer, presented the offer and the deal was firm by 11:00pm. In this situation, because I acted fast,  I was able go under the radar and give my client first priority in buying that particular unit. That is just one of the reasons you should buy with me.

Why list and sell your unit with me? Not only do I list your house on the MLS, I go out and market your property to create maximum exposure. As I explained earlier, one of the things I do is call owners of other unit in the condominium. I call to find suitable units for my buyers but I also look  to see if any of the owners wants to buy a second unit or perhaps looking to move into a smaller/larger unit.


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