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*BEWARE* Italian Model Exposed in Facebook is Actually a Click-Jacking Attack

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The mere mention of anything with a sex connotation on Facebook almost always begets some major activity, with people wanting to know more. As a result, whatever the attack vector or channel might be is propagated, and the attacker is sure to get some response.

In this example a Facebook click-jacking attack jumped on the bandwagon of Italian model Marika Fruscio’s unfortunate incident with a wardrobe malfunction on live TV.  The title of the scam on Facebook was “The beautiful Marika Fruscio shows her breasts on Italian TV!”, which almost sounds like it was staged as opposed to an accident.  Whatever the theory, the interesting part of this attack is what happens when someone clicks on the provided link to watch the embedded video.

The example seems harmless as upon clicking the link, the user is directed to another page where they can view the video.  While this is happening, the user’s account is being exploited to post the video on their homepage to distribute.  The user is also added to the list of those who like the video, consequently encouraging others to view this.  The series of steps involved is shown below.

An infected account shows the advert as being liked either by a friend or contact within your Facebook account:
The user is then directed to the (continue reading…)

Source: Security Labs

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