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Home Security – Use Common Sense When Leaving For The Summer Holidays

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This post comes from a list I made for my clients who were leaving for vacation. I thought it would be nice to share with everyone because no one thinks about getting burglered while getting ready to go on vacation. Most people just lock up and pray nothing happens. The following are just some things you can do to prevent a robbery and some tips to minimize further damage.

  • Secure the house – Lock all windows and doors. Close the curtains so your valuables are out of sight. Park the car or cars in the garage. Don’t leave cash, jewellery and identification in the house. Put them in the safe deposit box.
  • Timers – Timers are inexpensive and effective. It makes it look like someone is home and it deters theives. You can plug in lights and appliances, so that they switch on at regular intervals. Either have timed exterior lights or motion sensor exterior lights. There is a product on the market called the Fake TV, where it emits a light like a TV showing an action movie. I suspect one of my neighbours has that or he likes to watch action movies in the dark everyday at 6. (hint: mix it up)
  • Broadcast – It’s amazing when you get to go on a vacation but have you thought of who is reading your facebook status? Facebook allows you to restrict who sees a particular status. So make sure you are broadcasting only to your safe group. Do you have an answering machine? Don’t tell everyone you are on vacation in your greeting. In addition, turn your ringers off because a ringing telephone means no one is home. Do you put your address on your luggage? This will alert people that see it as a potential empty house.
  • Mail and Newspaper – Have someone pick up your mail and newspaper. If you have a newspaper subscriptions, put it on hold.
  • Neighbours – Let your neighbours know you are on vacation, so they can be more alert and aware of any suspicious activity. Have your neighbours park their car on your driveway, to make it look like you are home.
  • Grass and Snow – Have someone clear the snow or mow the lawn. Those are both clear signs no one is home.
  • Alarm System – Have an alarm system with monitoring.
  • Insurance – Have insurance that covers your home while you are on vacation. Some companies requires an extra charge for vacations more than a month. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you were robbed and the insurance company didn’t cover you

Don’t be shy, if anyone else would like to share some tips, please leave a comment.

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