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Toronto Is The Worst Canadian City For Commuting

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Toronto is the worst Canadian city for commuting according to a Statistics Canada survey released Today August 24, 2011.

Toronto had the longest commuting time with 33 minutes with Montreal a close second at 31 minutes. 27% of workers had travel times of 45 minutes or more.

More interestingly was that public transit takes longer than by commuting by car. The shortest trips are workers who walk or bike to work taking 14 minutes on average. Next are car users taking 24 minutes on average. Meanwhile public transit workers took 44 minutes to travel to work.

In general, workers were satisfied with their travel times, but longer commute times were associated with a higher levels of stress.

The City of Toronto wants to build more roads to accommodate the influx of additional cars in the coming years. Is that really the solution or just a band-aid for the Gridlock?

I have lived in Asia where sometimes the car tax is as much as the car itself. The gas is double the Canadian prices. Those two elements certainly deter car usage.

One needed factor is to improve our transit system to attract people to the convenience of taking public transit. Taking the double decker buses in Hong Kong was fast and just cool. Subway transfers were as easy as walking across the platform. Payment was stored on a rechargeable card. The system just flowed so smoothly in a city of over 7 million. Would privatization help?

Please comment and share some stories of your commute

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Toronto Has The Longest Commute


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