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Underground Storm Shelters And Bunkers In Toronto Homes

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What are underground storm shelters, bunkers or pods? These are structures built underground to protect the against the weather. I have been fascinated with underground structures ever since my university class visited the house of Architect, William Lishman. You can see his house on his website here. It is a house built at the top of the hill consisting of interconnecting pods. Having the whole house underground is quite extreme and very costly to build.

The main reason for having an underground shelter is survival. It can be built for temporary shelter to wait for a storm to subside or can be built like a bunker with supplies for long term stay.

A couple weeks ago, a client approached me and was thinking of building a storm shelter. I did some research for him and found a company Severe Weather Pods that made underground storm shelters. He could even hide the whole thing in the backyard by putting a shed over it as a disguise. To go in, he would go in to the shed first than go underground. I am really excited about it and hopes he builds it so I can be part of the process.

Another interesting design was building a basement addition acting as a shelter. The roof of the shelter would also double as the floor for the wood deck. The shelter would have two entrances, one from the basement and one to the outside. If big enough, it can be even be outfitted with a kitchen and bathroom.

Do you have an underground storm shelter or are you looking to build one? I would appreciate it if you can comment and share your experience with our readers.

As a Realtor, I’m not only involved with the purchase and sale of your home, I also want to help you make your home the best it can be. Tornado and Hurricanes are becoming more frequent in Toronto and the need for storm shelters may be a good investment

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I am a Real Estate Sales Representative servicing the Greater Toronto Area.

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