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Kirby Chan what to do to old garages

Tearing Down Your Old Garage – You May Want To Think Twice!

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Kirby Chan what to do to old garages

Toronto Old Garages

Tearing Down An Old Garage?

I recently had a client that wanted to tear down their old garage and build a new one.

They tore it down and guess what? They weren’t allowed to build a new one without a building permit.

While investigating the building permit, they discovered they were not allowed to build the new garage due to set back restrictions.

The owners complained, “That’s crazy! I had a garage there once before!”

However the old garage was what we call ‘legal non-conforming’, therefore when it was torn down, a new one was not allowed to be built.

A solution to this would be to fully renovate the old garage. A building permit would still be required, but you would be able to keep the structure.

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Tearing down my old garage.

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