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Weeks Leading Up to Moving Day Tips and Etiquette

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Organize and label all boxes

It takes plenty of preparation and planning to make a move as smooth as possible. There are things you have to plan ahead of time such as booking elevators if you live in an apartment or condo building, decide whether to recruit family and/or friends to help or hire movers, gather boxes (lots of it) and other packing materials, just to name a few. Here are a few tips and etiquette on moving:

– Make sure to change your address on all things important – driver’s license, health card, credit cards, insurance, phone/cable/internet, etc. Write these down as you may forget!

– If you are living in an apartment or condo building, make sure to book the elevators well in advance in both the building you’re moving out of and into. Property management will give you a block of time where an elevator is all yours for those few hours. Some buildings have elevators specific for moving and a service area where you may not disturb or inconvenience other tenants.

– Figure out how you’re moving your belongings from Point A to Point B. If none of your nice friends have a truck or van to use, you may have to rent one. Book these early in advance to eliminate the risk of actually not having one to use or (over paying) for a vehicle that’s too little (more trips) or too big (not necessary). Moving during the week between office hours are the best times as people are at work and will avoid traffic.

– If you prefer to hire professional movers, do your research beforehand. Referrals from friends/family are usually reliable, but also do an extensive research online and narrow it down to your top 3. Ask for an estimate of how much your move will cost while providing ALL details – show them everything that has to be moved and information about the new house that may complicate the move (awkward stairs, turns, etc). Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

– Anything you can pack and label ahead of time will save you time on moving day. You could even make use of your luggage/suitcase if you have! Stay organized by keeping items together specific to the room. Again, label EVERYTHING; it’s extra helpful when the label is visible to see, like the top corner of the box. You shouldn’t find a box of pots and pans in the bathroom, right? This also aides your helpers by putting boxes in their designated rooms.

– Pack a “Survival Box”. This includes items that you will need on the first day and night such as linens, blankets & pillow, toiletries, emergency kit, PJs, children’s necessities, etc. If you are moving with children, leave them with a family member or someone you trust. If that’s not an option, keep them entertained with some toys, portable DVD/iPads… whatever works.

– The Survival Box and a tool box should be packed last. These are tools that you may need to assemble furniture or fix things last minute. You want these boxes first out, first in in a place that’s easy to locate.

– Take advantage of the opportunity to give empty rooms a quick sweep, mop and/or vaccum! It’s only courteous towards the new home owners. Think about how you’d like to see your new home. Moving is already a stressful activity, you wouldn’t want to clean up after someone else’s mess before moving in, would you?

– Moving and lifting things can be tiring. Make sure to show gratitude towards your help by providing beverages and a light lunch or snack which will keep them refreshed and energized!

Keeping all your belongings organized is the key to a successful, little to no stress move. Through all the hard work that you and your volunteers go throughout the day, remember to keep your calm and be polite. Attitude does not resolve anything, it only makes matters worse because at the end of the day, everyone is tired and concerned if your items have been carefully relocated without any damage. So, keep calm and move on!

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