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The Regent Park Transformation

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The Metcalf Foundation recently released a report on the re-development of Regent Park, a massive project to drastically re-image one of the cities most well-known neighborhoods.

From its last days as Cabbagetown to its rebirth as Regent Park, the community has always been considered a slum. However, it has become a major test case in the conversation of how planning practice can provide affordable housing and community resources to all without creating the isolated areas of the past. Call it the modern form of “Equity Planning”.  This has prompted a total redevelopment of  Regent Park – a huge multi-stage project. The new buildings are united with old townhomes and apartments as the plan gores through to bring new life and units to previous tenants while also bringing new life and business to the community.

The massive test of equity planning in Toronto will bring new opportunities to Regent Park residents while new income groups will bring a gentrification of the area. While it will take time to see the final result, it will also inspire planning practice in the future.

   Read the Metcalf  Foundation Report Here 

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