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I Want a Ground Floor Condo Unit In North York!

“I Want a Ground Floor Condo Unit In North York!” is that what you are saying right now? If  not, than maybe at the end of reading this, you will be.

I really like ground level or main floor units in a condominium building. Most people and even most real estate Agents think it is a bad feature but I see it differently. Last year I had 1 client buy a unit on the ground floor. This year, I sold condo units on the ground floor. Is this a trend developing as the baby boomers age? When selecting a ground floor unit, you have to be careful of noise and smells. You will want to make sure it is away from the parking garage, garbage room and building amenities.

Here’s my list for Top 5 Reasons to live on the Ground Floor.

5. No noisy neighbours below.

4. You have a patio and a door directly to your unit.

3. Prices are relatively cheaper when you buy and relatively cheaper when you sell. As prices for a particular condo go up, so do the prices for ground floor units.

2. Usually Builders upgrade the Ground Floor units to make them more attractive to sell. A common upgrade is having higher ceiling heights.

1. You don’t have to wait for the elevators. You know… Saving 5 minutes a day equals to 30 hours a year.

Can you think of any other benefits for living on the first floor? Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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